Owner Financing


Owner Financing, Contract For Deed, Lease Option.

With a Lease Option, Lease Purchase, Seller Financing, Contract For Deed (rent to own), we can show you how to find your next home with a low down payment and finally have your “rent” money working for you because eventually you will OWN it! It is the smart, modern way to buy real estate!  Some of the advantages of Lease Purchase for BUYERS are:

* Past credit problems are not usually a road block, as they would be in the case of conventional financing procedures.

* The option consideration – down payment – is fully credited (one hundred percent) to the purchase price of the property.

* Your rent money is finally working for you, for a change . . . (no longer merely collecting rent receipts)! Part of your rent payment can be credited to the purchase price if paid on time.

* Purchase price is usually locked-in ahead of time (prior to close of escrow). That assures you of increased equity in the property when you buy it if appreciation has occurred.

* Appreciation is the name for any increase in value of a property over a period of time in those cases in which the fair market value goes up in the future.

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