North Port, FL 3/2 Fence Yard $20,000 CASH

City: North Port, Florida
Property Type:
Single Family House
1,492 square ft.
After Repair Value: $60,500
Cost Of Repairs: $7,000
Asking Price (Including contracted property amount and assignment fee, if applicable): $20,000
Equity: $23,500
Flexible on price?

Property Details:

Exterior Features

Home, exterior appears to be in fair condition. Yard looks clean, skirting. wooden decking sits on the front of the home, fair condition. Overall exterior composition seems to be in fair shape.

Interior Features

Home interior looks decent, hard wood floors are in good shape, may need some cleaning. Kitchen is clean and includes all appliances. Both bathrooms are complete with all appliances. Bedrooms looked clean and include closet space. Hot water Tank was found intact.

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