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Adventure Island Review In Florida

Have you ever made a trip to Adventure Island located at 10001 Malcom McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612 , if you have not been yet you should definitely make the trip! If you are looking for a good place to spend the day with your kids, GO! There are hours of things to do, from wading pools to the 600 foot long Wahoo run water slide. Nevertheless, the fun does not stop there! There are many other slides, pools, and adventurous things to do.

When they say, “the tropical wildlife is you” they really mean it! When you take an adventure down the rambling bayou, you get lost in the relaxing water and beautiful scenery making a shady tree canopy. That is one relaxing thing to do, there is also lying in the wave pool when the waves come on in intervals of 10 minutes. If you wear one of their extremely comfortable life jackets, you can lie in the 6 feet of pulsing waves underneath you and look up at the sky. Another thing that you can do is rent a cabana and lie inside the “tent” with a ceiling fan, a mini fridge, and a locker! There are many locations for these as well. Those are the relaxing things for the parents to do while the children run around and play throughout the park.

My experience at the amusement park was great, I took my kids and we rented a cabana and were there from opening to closing, I have a small child, 13 months, and I have a 9 year old, My 9 year old is fearless and rode almost every single slide. My 13 month old stayed at the bottom with me and watched her big sister ride them all. At some points during the day we all went to fabiennes funport (the baby part) and let my baby girl play and splash in the only knee deep water (on her). That’s enough about me now though, back to the park itself.

The low prices are another reason to go! You can get a weekday pass for only $50 and go any week day for the entire season. Trust me it is worth it, like I said before there are amazing slides such as the everglides, it is a high speed steep slide where you just slide almost straight down on a “sled” and when you get to the bottom you skid across the water to the end of the pool. Another slide is Riptide, this slide you lay on your stomach on blue mats and you go into a dark twisting tube, fast, then you come out into the open and slide down what consists of three hills and stop at the bottom and possibly even go again. My personal favorite slide is called Key west rapids and you climb up almost six stories of stairs then you start to slide down into a total of 3 small “pools” in the slide, there are ife guards there to push you again and at the end there is a hill that you slide down very fast into the splash pool. I would suggest going on that one all day but, there are a lot of stairs to climb…

In the paradise lagoon, there are three cliffs that you can jump off into ten feet of water and there are also monkey bars or lily pads that you jump from pad to pad and hold onto the cloth monkey bars and test you skills as you wobble across the water on the moving, slippery lily pads. Another thing that is in Paradise lagoon is there are two slides that are very short however there is a good, four foot drop off the bottom of the slide into the ten foot water.

That is what I think about Adventure Island, never the less I feel like I talk for a lot of families who take the day to go! Enjoy your day of endless fun at Adventure Island.

You Should Visit Adventure Island.
10001 Malcom McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612