Freddie and Fannie Execs on Trial

Can this be true that Freddie and Fannie Execs on Trial.
the SEC sued three former top officials from both Fannie and Freddie.How will real estate recover if we have so much alleged corruption in the real estate arena. With the housing bubble burst (SEC) has been allegedly investigating the Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae  and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage for 3 years now. Only time will tell what there findings will be against the 2 lending power houses . Will Freddie and Fannie Execs be held accountable for there actions, allegedly misleading investors about their agencies’ exposure to sub-prime mortgages. Let’s hope for the best and let Justus take it’s course if any. To find more information on the SEC / Securities and Exchange Commission visit

Freddie Mac Nationwide Sales Promotion For Real Estate Buyers

Here Are Two Great Reasons To Use Freddie Mac Nationwide Sales Promotion For Real Estate Buyers.

1. They are offering 3.5 percent buyer’s closing cost on transactions that meet the offer and closing dates.

2. Two-year Home Protect limited home warranty that covers electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and other major systems and appliances is offered on some eligible HomeSteps homes.

As of the end of the first-quarter, Freddie Mac held 65,174REO homes. The GSE’s operational expense for maintaining these properties was $159,000 during the first three months of this year.

They are Also stating that selling agents will receive a bonus of $1,200 for initial offers received between May 16th and July 31st with escrows closed on or before the final day of September.

The extra incentive applies to Freddie Mac’s HomeSteps properties sold to owner-occupant buyers. HomeSteps is the McLean, Virginia-based GSE’s real estate sales unit for its bank-owned homes.