Florida Chinese Drywall Maybe a Silent killer

Normal shut off valve
Normal shut off valveCorroded shut off valve

Florida Chinese Drywall Maybe a Silent killer. What we know about Chinese Drywall.

Between 2001 and 2007, millions of sheets of drywall were imported to Florida and others US. States. Much of this drywall contained toxic sulfur compounds, which went unnoticed until recently. Thousands and thousands of homes were built with this toxic drywall. Chinese drywall imported into the United States has resulted in a serious and growing problem for many homeowners, caught unaware of the potential impacts of this toxic material upon their homes, personal property and health.
Toxic Chinese drywall can out-gas harmful sulfur/sulfide compounds that can cause a variety of problems in your home, including damage to wiring and appliances, and health issues for you and your family. The health department has received more than 100 complaints from homeowners about the drywall that has polluted their homes.

Can Chinese Drywall Be Dangerous To Your Health?

Chinese drywall was found by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories to emit hydrogen sulfide up to 100 times greater than non-Chinese produced drywall. Hydrogen sulfide is a hazardous gas which, in high concentrations, can be fatal. We have personally been in many homes in Port Charlotte Florida that have Chinese Drywall. and they have a rotten egg smell or well water smell. However you will see corrosion on exposed wiring and other copper material such as facets, pipes, outlets, shut off valve. Also blackening of copper in and around the air handler unit. Its’s Always a GREAT idea to get any home inspected for Chinese drywall.

I have also found that many Bank Owned Homes have Chinese drywall in them.

Quick Note: Most Banks Will Not Disclose That Some Of Their Homes May Contain Chinese Drywall.

The most commonly reported symptoms include:

  • Headaches and cough
  • Irritated and itchy eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Bloody or runny nose
  • Frequent sinus infections and asthma attacks