Cash Only, Miramar Florida Real Estate Deal in Miramar.

6028 SW 38th Street, Miramar FL 33023

Great time to buy Florida Real Estate. Please review this Miramar Florida all CASH real estate deals below. $87,500 CASH 
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1457 sqft. CBS.
CLEAN Big house with great floor plan.
Kitchen and baths in great shape.
Tile floors throughout common areas and carpet in bedrooms.  Spacious bedrooms and living area.
Needs cosmetic repairs. Rent ready!!Photos:

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Real Estate News Headlines – Meredith Whitney Advisory Group

I just searched real estate news headlines and found an almost 50:50 split.
Half say real estate values are starting their second wave of decline (i.e. – a “double-dip”).DOUBLE- DIP

The other half proclaims that now is the best time in history to invest in real estate.
So which is it? Meredith Whitney, founder and CEO of Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, told CNBC yesterday that the U.S. economy is sliding ever closer to dipping back into recession. The analyst, who famously predicted Citigroup’s problems and now claims there will be 50 to 100 municipal defaults this year, says the economic landscape in the last weeks has become increasingly dire.

Why should you care:

Lets say you invest in high value assets like real estate, each dollar of decline comes right out of your (equity) pocket. That’s right, say Bye Bye

Now for you smart Investors, you may use OPM (Other People’s Money) or any form of leverage (mortgage, notes, private money, etc.) to own or control real estate, each dollar of the property’s decline erases your equity five or ten fold.

Many real estate investors don’t have nearly enough equity to absorb even a small percentage of decline and they end up underwater and out of exit options very quickly.

How do we fix this problem? It’s really simple…

If you want real estate wealth then invest in appreciating markets and avoid declining markets.  You must no that, each local market is different. Some are at major inflection points and starting to pop. Some are stuck in long term secular declines.

Obama regulatory reauthorization, may effectively eliminate seller-held mortgages

Pending Lending Regulation Inhibits Investor Activity!

Our attention has just been directed to a matter of great importance to real estate investors and the deadline to protest it is this Friday, 22 July.

As you undoubtedly know, the SAFE Act introduced restrictions on seller financing. The regulators are now trying to make it even harder for individuals and investors to use seller financing.

The Federal Reserve, which received sweeping new authority under the Obama regulatory reauthorization, wants to effectively eliminate seller-held mortgages. It will do this by enacting a rule for the Dodd-Frank Act prohibiting property sellers from taking back a mortgage unless the buyer essentially can qualify for conventional financing! What’s more, Ma and Pa Homeowner, who create 95% of seller-held mortgages, won’t be able to qualify buyers under the same underwriting standards that banks are required to perform, and therefore the cash flow notes won’t be created.

If this is enacted it also will remove access to housing for millions of Americans, because seller “financing” is the only way people who can’t qualify for conventional loans can buy a house.

Moreover, it would allow a buyer a three year right of rescission (allowing them to cancel the sale) if the seller did not properly qualify them. The right of rescission also applies to anyone who buys the note. We have precious little time to try to stop this.

The deadline to comment is FRIDAY, July 22.

To comment, go to: