Florida Short Sale Information

Florida Short Sale Information. Here’s a video below that can help explain the short sale process and how it work in a nut shell. There are many factor involved in the short sale process. Please review and let us know if you have any question?

Banks Now Prefer Short Sales Over Foreclosures

It’s a no brainer that Banks now prefer short sales over foreclosures. Banks dealing with lengthy, complicated and frequently messy foreclosures are starting to see “short sales” as a quicker and cheaper way of getting bad loans off their books.

Why Would Bank Want More Short Sales Over Foreclosures?

Reason Below:

  • Foreclosures can take forever Note: However, in some states such as Florida, it costs very little to file a foreclosure and see the process through to the end.
  • Home owner may still keep up the home.
  • Short Sales are less costly for the bank.

If you plan  on doing a short sale on your home. It would be wise to seek help of a professional, such as lawyer or your local realtor. However any professional you use must have knowledge and experience in short sales. I have personally witness lawyers and realtors / agents, totally screw up the whole short sale process by not collecting all the proper information from the home owner. And wait till the last-minute to gather all forms and documentation required by the bank to complete the short sale process.
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