US NEWS 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012

Big announcement by US NEWS. They are stating that Port Charlotte Florida ranks in the US NEWS TOP 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012. Home prices in Port Charlotte fell dramatically over the past few years.  I remember homes on the water being worth close to 1,000,000 now only worth less the 500,000. Just be glad your not hulk hogan, 50% loss sounds allot better that 70% loss wow. Many port Charlotte home owners have been hit hard or should I say OUT FOR THE COUNT, financially with the economic down turn. However their seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.  Port Charlotte is getting allot of new attention these days. With the new report from US NEWS. And more consumer spending money this Holiday season. This past Friday was a mad house with Black Friday. Also with snow birds / northerners taking advantage of current real estate deals, like Bank Owned, foreclosures, REO homes in the city of Port Charlotte. Not to mention the cash buyers. Have you ever heard the term CASH IS KING… Well I would say that’s true and false.  With a roller coaster stock market, some retires / investors are looking to put money into real estate. Some are buying rental homes for long term income. Its no wonder with rents are steadily increasing. Rental homes are in demand in Port Charlotte Florida. With so many home owner that have lost their home do to foreclosure.  One of the main reason why retries love Port Charlotte is positioning and location of the homes and where they are located. Many homes in Port Charlotte are along canals and waterways with access to the gulf. Find your new Port Charlotte home today at

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